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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sarkozy and the rioters

Who is this embodiment of oppression in French society? A very ambitious/stop at nothing politician. Rather than recognise that the incredible alienation and exploitation of French citizens he has chosen to be Mr Security and directly assault the masses of deprived, angry proletarians at his feet. It all seems a bit Gaza strip. This IS globalisation. The sons and daughters of French colonialism are no longer in a far off place like Algiers or Saigon - they are right here and now... Whether they are considered part of French society or not they are not going to go away. They are mired in material poverty, excuded from real jobs, the civil service and are ghettoized something silly.
The French government wants to be seen to be keeping a lid on things.. Wants to assure the backers of the ruling parties that it won't let "scum" or "rabble" impinge upon profit and the tendered bourgeois mode of existence - compete and conform or die!

If people don't know the extent of deprivation and hopelessness in the next block, it is difficult for them when Sarkozy is telling them that the riots are engineered by dirty malicious troublemakers. The fascist terrorist Jean-Marie le Pen is already trying to capitalize on the unrest by talking of CIVIL WAR etc. Is Sarkozy really paving the way for Le Pen?

When is this going to end? A new french revolution?

when wood and silicon collide

Ahhh now my computah is fucked.. the ladder fell on the tower THE LADDER FELL ON THE COMPUTER!!!! How can this be?? I was climbing off my platform-bed thing (in the dark) and i felt and heard ladder go WHAMM! Unfortunatly my windows-loaded harddisk is old and is now platter-fucked in that it is unstable and UNREADABLE. Hopefully the more recent Seagate HD is untouched so I can retain webarchive, notsofreeware and my glorious collection of nudes. How much does the technocracy charge for repairs/retrieval?? Next stop is Mr Rob Laptop - mibbe he can sort me out a replacement?

Friday, November 11, 2005

this wireless thang..

I am picking up STRAY signals from a localized naeigbour.. I can surf! Why should we pay for internet access - surely it is a public resource to e spread widely... But of course it's privatization that rigged it for a dynamic future no? FUCK NTL!!-

fuckers iz still there

yes well alrighty!!! anyone hear of tha Gravediggaz - Get familiar with their stuff - dey has beenaround for decades... They provided the much esteemed soundtrack to my Friiiday night. I like the spacey hiphop

Monday, November 07, 2005

It's Fahrenheit 112

It's Hot hot hot! And why is it that in my local ghetto (my front room) dat thee temperature is rising inexorably? Suddenly I have Crack Supremo and the nutters round kipping on sofa and baking fish stew (kingston style) . .. It's not me. pOOR folk are strung out about family, jobs, associates... Hurrrghhh! I don't wanna see these cunts when I get up (10am this morn) ... they iz disrespektful and two-faced should i hit them before they hit me? But they are not restive - they are insidious! Britain is a nation of blaggers not bloggers. Big up the lads and lassies taking to the streets in racaille-ridden France... lets hope the bourgeois scum like Sarkozy are washed from the Champs-Élysées!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

And I thought red wine would be better..

I have been drinking sainsbury's £2.08 spanish red wine (Sainsbury's Red Wine, Basics 75cl). What a mistake, my gnashers are rotten like I drunk illicit rum.. i should have known as I had met a toothless old lady grabbing the same bottle off de shelf! It was funny, I said to her "You stripping paint too?" A stilted grin took form across her face (I think she thought i was saying something else!) and then she 'beamed' me a smile - "OOhh yes I like it, It's not bad I drink it all the time!".
I am due in the dentist's chair on Monday.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Bestest drinking culture in the world!

feck! arse! drink!
Woah do we know waht we have let oorselves in for? Doesn't Georgie Best's plight not teach everyonee a lesson? OOoh lets expand the pub hours...they have longer times in Scotlaand?! BUT they have a different drinking culture, with a lot of it done in doors nae? English drinking is more about binging like a pro down the local.. Or is that really because of early closing?

But the Best man himself.. A drain on NHS organ schemes or what? What a role model... Hmmmm At least he ain't like some contemporary footballers (racist rapists)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blunkett opens his mouth again -

Going out to work cures stress and depression much more effectively than watching daytime TV at home, says Work and Pensions Secretary David Blunkett....If people... re-associate with the world of work, suddenly they come alive again."...
He told BBC Radio: "That will overcome depression and stress a lot more than people sitting at home watching daytime television."

>>>>>This is the biggest pile of steaming yak manure I have recently come across. Jobs, bosses and bickering, divided workers are the biggest causes of mental illness in the world. While HM gov is sending young lads away to the ultimate unsafe workplace (IRAQ), they are trying to enforce the idealised image of capitalist work. In the past some have referred to this as the Protestant Work Ethic. The British government over the centuries, has proved itself quite adept at making political showmanship or capital out of the sick and dispossessed. Blunky should know better. But when he isn't persecuting, he is protecting his own property interests >>

12 October 2005 BBC NEWS
David Blunkett's spokesman has brushed off as an "administrative error" an apparent breach of parliamentary rules.

The work and pensions secretary used House of Commons headed notepaper to object to a building development near a property he owns in London.

He wrote to Wandsworth council saying he was "deeply concerned" by the plans.

The spokesman said: "The letter was dictated to his office. It was never his intention that Commons stationary be used. This was an honest mistake."

Anti-social persecution

The Times 13/10/05
Jail for 80-year-old

Arthur Burgess, 80, was given a 13-week jail sentence and an anti-social behaviour order for assaulting police, harassment and criminal damage. Magistrates at Ipswich were told that Burgess, of Trimley St Martin, Suffolk, had become embroiled in an argument over a fence and a tree hanging over his garden.

>>>MMM i wondered what he did!? friendly neighbourhoodly arguments... a fence post is pulled ....and then he perhaps prodded a policeman's cufflink? LOCK 'EM UP ... these savage senior chavs!

Monday, October 10, 2005

A greeting from the netherworld

This is a test ?!